Red Haute Business Mastery
3-hour Business Intensive and Networking for Women

Learn how to:
~attract more clients or customers,
~increase revenue in a big way, &
~ensure brand success (and your happiness)

Coming to a city near you.
Like the Perfect
Little Black Dress
Trends and fads are fun in business, but they never last and usually only work for a short time. 

And rushing after the latest fads in business can drain your bank account and not leave you with much to show for it the following “season.”

What you need is a fresh approach. 

You need Red Haute Business Mastery, our three-hour intensive where you learn in a luxury setting with other amazing women exactly what you need to know to be successful in your business.
Just like the perfect little black dress never goes out of style, our red haute business skills will keep you and your business timeless and always on point, season after season.
San Diego
Saturday, March 17th
Location given upon registration
Monday, April 23rd
Location given upon registration 
New York City
Sunday, April 29th
Location given upon registration
Gain a Success Mindset

Learn how to improve your mindset to attract clients, increase revenue and ensure brand success.
Learn the 7 things you must do to grow your business
Discover the 7 vital business skills that will help your company grow fast.
Discover how to get out of your own way
 Learn in a safe and supportive space how to make sure you experience growth and success starting now.
Discover your superpowers

You are really a wonder woman. Learn what your super powers are and why no one can do your business like you can.
Lisa and Jessica met at a start up event several years ago and bonded over the fact that when they both launched their first businesses, they had no idea what they were doing, and no on they could ask the “dumb” questions to.  They both felt totally alone, totally clueless and struggled to find their way as they grew their businesses through fits and starts…and a lot of coffee and late nights.

They realized that they shared a passion for making sure that no other women had to struggle without good information and support, and so Hautepreneurs was born (over lunch on a warm summer day).  Since that time, Lisa and Jessica have mentored, coached and advised dozens and dozens of women business owners and entrepreneurs through their programs.  

And, as they saw what a powerful transformation happened with the women they taught and coached, they hatched a plan to take their program to the world, and Hautecelerator was born - the first online business accelerator and founder’s school just for women.

Now, they are making their message even easier for women everywhere by offering their new luxury, small group Red Haute Business Mastery Retreats. 

Friends in San Diego, NYC, and London!

This luxury day event for women is led by some of the very best. I admire and can't recommend enough the organizers Jessica Eaves Mathews and Lisa Abeyta. I have personally worked with them and can attest to the life-changing outcomes! Their wholehearted and tough love efforts will allow YOU TO MOVE FORWARD in your mindset, true self, and business. You deserve this. Really.

Kerri Couillard, Founder, Babierge
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